Sniffles Pals Collection 2.0

Posted on Oct 11, 2018

We’ve recently completed a redesign of our Sniffles® Pals collection and are excited to share with you! A notable improvement is the tissue dispenser is now situated in its traditional location on the top of the carton. We also retired our long-time friend Azure the frog.

The Sniffles® Pals 2.0 collection includes the original curious fox and stylish owl, along with our newest additions – a bright bunny and a good-natured pig!

Next time you or your child need a tissue, get one from a cute and colorful Sniffles® Pals. Our cube-shaped tissue boxes enhance many settings – your home, office, school, or veterinary clinic. Their friendly faces will engage children while bringing a smile to the faces of adults and kids of all ages! Be sure to “activate” the ears on our colorful animal-themed tissue box!

You can purchase them here and if you’d like to learn more please email us.

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